Learning Goals

  • To further sharpen data wrangling and data visualization skills
  • To learn how to collaborate using modern workflows

Technical Skills

  • dplyr
  • tidyr
  • GitHub


  • Modern Data Science with R, Ch. 2–8


You will work in a group of three (groups posted to Slack and Moodle) to analyze Federal Election Commission data contained in the fec16 package, and report your findings in a short write-up. The topic is up to you. The best projects will:

  • discuss an interesting and well-motivated topic
  • involve some non-trivial data wrangling (e.g. not just a bunch of mutate()s)
  • provide a well thought-out, informative analysis
  • convey some sort of insight
  • be well-written
  • consist of 400–600 words


You will use GitHub to collaborate with your partner(s) on this assignment.

We have a private GitHub organization.

  1. All teammates:
    1. Open new project in RStudio…
    2. From Version Control…
    3. From GitHub…
    4. Paste the “Clone or download” URL from sds192-i21/mp2-group-x’s repo, where group-x is your group’s identifier.

You may have to install git on your computer!


  1. Push all commits to GitHub
  2. Submit rendered .html file to Moodle


You will have to install the fec16 package.

These data come from the Federal Election Commission, and are based on the 2015–2016 federal election cycle. These data were collected using the fec16 package for R.

There are several tables present. To load them, switch to the mp2-group-x project in RStudio, pull, and run the following:


Be sure to read the supporting documentation for these data!! It is your responsibility to know what you are looking at!


In this assignment: