Using GitHub to support stories

SDS 236

Ben Baumer


Repos for stories


Your investigative story

  • GitHub repo in sds236-s23 org
    • README: front page of the back end of your story!
    • Reproducible data work goes in here
  • Interactive visualization
    • Not expected or required at this stage
    • Static data graphic is required
  • Feature article

Let’s get started

  • I have put two issues in your repos

  • Let’s work on Issue #1 right now!

  • Goal: Nobody leaves the room until they’ve sent a PR adding their name to the README!

User stories

User stories

  • “As a <role>, I want <feature>, so that I can <do something>
  • Written from the perspective of the user!
  • Acceptance criteria: how will we know when we are done?
  • (optional) Time estimate: 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours

Using GitHub Issues

Wild caught examples:

Your turn

  • Create at least 3 user stories for your article
  • Use the phrasing: “As a ____, I want ____, so that ____”
  • The role should be either as reader or editor!!
    • Ex: “As a reader, I want to know what percentage of the homes in Bay State Village have been owned by Nu-Way Homes in the past 5 years, so that I can have an accurate perspective of the scale of his impact on the neighborhood.”
  • Specify the Acceptance Criteria for each task